What does the Holy Bible say about COVID-19

What does the Holy Bible say about COVID-19

“To everything, there is a season, and time to every purpose under heaven” Eccl.3:1
The pandemic, COVID-19 is everywhere. And this is about the 4th Pandemic in world history. What is more important now is, how do we relate? How do we behave? What should we do in a time like this?
Previous pandemics killed so many people in history that happened because people lack the right knowledge or did not follow the physical precautionary measures to stop the spread. They resulted to other means and kept going about their business, and so the death toll increased.

Eccl 3:5b “….there is time to refrain from kissing ” hugging or handshake as the case may be in your clime. It is more important to know what to do now than to be asking *why*?
Of course! We are in the end of the age according to bible……..” there would be pestilence in many nations”…Matthew 24

The second pandemic, the Black Plague, occurred from 1347-1353AD. The death toll estimated around 100 million people. About half of the Europeans population then was wiped out by this Bubonic plague, which started from the Mongolians from the East. The deaths did not discriminate; both pagans and priests, religious and atheists, were all slain alike. Some monasteries were not spared at all. In all this, the power of God has not diminished.

But why a large number of deaths each time? …lack of knowledge! Bible states, ” My people perish for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6a

There have been other reoccurrences of pandemics, and millions of people always go with it. The 1918 flu pandemic claimed over 50million people worldwide. God will always be God. It is only human beings that are transient. His power for miraculous healing is available, but how many were able to draw it in a time like this? Your faith could work for you, your family and maybe your congregation while observing the necessary precautions, but what of the masses that do not have faith in God.
What should we do in a time like this?
Most of the time, the pandemic has power because people lack the right knowledge to stop its spread and the cure. Understanding the dynamism of the spread is key in the fight against the scourge. The timely application of the knowledge is key to minimizing the fatality rate.

In the journey of the Hebrews to the promised land over 5000 years ago, God commanded isolation/ quarantine of the infected people. People with leprosy, skin infections, etc were asked to be quarantined and some to stay outside the camp until they are cured. Lev. 13:26,50-59. Even until 2000 years ago, people with infectious skin disease were termed unclean and not allowed to mix with worshippers in the temple; obviously, this is to prevent the spread of sicknesses. The procedures which come as a divine knowledge of microbiology were enforced.

Now we are blessed with more scientific breakthroughs; we need to leverage this knowledge allowed by God to help the human race.

To break the chain of evil infections like this, TOTAL LOCKDOWN is key. It is wisdom in application. China did it; it worked. Italy started late, but it’s now working. The United States is doing it. Nigeria, I hope we are not too late in taking the preventive measures: closing the borders and stopping social gatherings! Even TOTAL LOCKDOWN may be the best way to go.

No one should see it as a RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION just because churches or Mosques are not allowed to congregate physically for a while?
The true worshippers, worship God in spirit and in truth. John.4:23

I repeat… There is time for everything under heaven.
Isaiah 26:20 states:

come, my people, enter into your chambers, and shut your doors about you, hide yourself as if were for a little moment, until the indignation be over” That was a piece of advice by God to the children of Israel in the bible times.

There is time to stay indoors and refrain from social gatherings. There is time for every purpose under the heaven. And in all these things, we are more than a conqueror through Him that loves us

We should spread hope to the world and not fear. God has blessed humanity with intellect to surmount our challenges. We should not allow fear, but obedience to the scriptures and the government’s laws to stem the tides of the pandemic.

Jesus is still the saviour; This pandemic will in no way reduce HIS power. Christians should get closer to God and worship in truth and in spirit. Let all the people of the earth believe this message of love;


Jesus Christ has come to give eternal life to the world. There is life after death. God has a plan of everlasting life for mankind, and the way to that is in JESUS CHRIST; he said

“I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes unto the father, except by me” John 14:6

God knows how to preserve His own in the evil days. He will be there for you!
But if you are not in good standing with the Lord in this season, then you need to repent and come back to Jesus.
For this is part of the fulfillment of the end-times prophecies.

If death should come today, are you ready to meet your creator? There is a need for a deliberate preparation for the afterlife. Come to Jesus Christ today.

God, help us to conquer this Virus in a good time. Those who are already infected help them to overcome it. Help comfort bereaved families. Help us all oh Lord that our days will not be cut short, we will live to declare YOUR glory in the land of the living. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray?

Written by:
Alabi Muyiwa Clement

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